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Rather than just linear thinking and talking about the problem and fighting about what causes the problem, we students, businesses, investors, educators, patent holders, and people on planet earth wish to fix it.  We don't want to live with it, endure it, suffer it.  We want to say look what we learned and how we fixed and saved out planet and make it a better place for all to play on.  Its just simply good for business, good humanity, and a friendly sandbox.  Just simply thinking about it we found there are three different parts that contribute to the climate change problem, pollution and population increases, influences from space and probably some kind of natural planetary cycle affect.

PROJECT CLIMATE CHANGE is broken down into two phases:

THE QUICK BANDAID:  Our planet is 2/3rds water or a macro element.  This seems to be the number one problem of climate change.  When you have too much it can flood or dround you, when you have too little you thirst, so the like any biological mechanism you want to be able to regulate the water supply.  Being human we can do Incredible things so why don't we build huge desalination systems which can move water, generate clean hydro energy, store water at high altitudes replenishing aquafurs.  This in turn will lower ocean water levels, give easy access to water and the draw will remove tons and tons of trash from waters as well as provide a cheap source of salt and energy.  This also will create millions of jobs and thousands of new businesses.

THE LONG HEALING TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION BUILDING A WORLD AROUND HUMANITY: Building a future technology city designed for the target year 2030.  The university city built around humanity (MAKING IT MORE HUMAN) will supply a fun place for labor. to live and be entertained and think over the quick bandaids which eventually gives rise new long term technologies and innovations.  Residental districts are divided up into various sections of themed countries and times to test how new products and services work in different countries and times in human history.  This way products and knowledge can be field tested locally before world wide implementation.  It also makes for wonderful tourism experience and fun places to live with many languages, adventures and foods from all over.  The center of the city is the tech downtown area where the large industrial complex economy and future high rise living is located.  The city is unique in that it uses modular construct methods and airborn heavy lifters to move city grids and infrstructure around instead of being tied down to conventional tech - things that will fit on a highway or train.  It explores how the cities will work and function in the year 2030 and adapts them to reality.  This will give way to phonomenal inventions on how humanity can live better, funner, grow in population while being far less environmental burden to the planet and its resources.  Eventually these technologies will lead to things beyond Earth.

WHERE ARE WE ON THIS PROJECT:  In 2016 we are beginning to bring our first students online working on the some if the plans to layout the land zones and individual plots and how they are to be used within the grid system as well as industrial infrastructure and water storage facilities, pump stations and more.  We are looking for businesses to come along side us and create manufacturing complexes and delivery systems.  We are engineering the heavy lifters and modular ciity grid systems.   We are working with various countries to take part in their own residential zone modules. We are working with the gaming industry to create a runtime test (game) environment to study how people interact and use the city.  We are woking with federal and local governments about giving them our overflowing drinking water and where they would like it put.  Some of the items are existing technolgies like solar roads and rooftops and others are newly created green technologies.   Once the layout and plan is completed start building the modular sections which can take a few years and the tools needed and get modular parts in holding areas from around the globe and then finally assemble the city together in 6 months appox 130 thousand acres of space.

CALL TO ACTION:  If being part of such a project is something that is on your heart or the heart of your company please feel free to contact us.  Probably the best ways is by email.  Thanks for being Incredible and please come back and see us for updates.

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The Cause and The Solution Don't Need To Be Related

Polution, Influences From Space or
a Natural Planetary Cycle?

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